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Commercial Office Cleaning Northampton and Milton Keynes

If you are looking at our site you are either unhappy with your current cleaning service provider or you are one of our competitors. Do any of these common problems sound familiar to you?

  • Is the quality of your cleaning far from what you expected?
  • Does your cleaning contractor suffer from a high staff turnover?
  • When you have a problem is anything done about it?
  • If you tell the cleaner you are not happy do they bite your head off?
  • Do you feel you are paying too much?
  • Are the cleaning staff leaving early or arriving late?
  • If the cleaning equipment breaks down is it repaired quickly?
  • Are your cleaners often short of materials?
  • Can your contractor provide all your cleaning and specialist services?

If these are the problems that you constantly face, then call us on 01604 926004 and we’ll advise you how to avoid them.

It's difficult to believe, but many cleaning companies will guess your needs and of course this will prove inaccurate. Either you can pay too much or even pay too little for a service which is inadequate for your company.

You can’t see what is required by sticking your head around the door and having a quick look, as most contractors do, and that's why you may be suffering from some of the problems above. At LCS we use the latest digital measuring equipment and we pride ourselves that your survey is both detailed and accurate.

Please look through our website to see how we can help you avoid making the same mistake with your new Cleaning Supplier.

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