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Cleaning Services Testimonials Northampton & Milton Keynes

  • RE: Enthusiasm and initiative of your cleaning staff

    Once again, we would like to thank you for your high standard of services and have thoroughly enjoyed the company of Wally. He has shown a lot of enthusiasm and initiative in all tasks assigned and has been an excellent asset to the centre.

    If in the future, should we ever have the need to recruit another domestic individual for a temporary basis, we will definitely keep L.C.S. in mind.

    Yours sincerely

    Sue Jameson
    Assistant Team Manager
    Northamptonshire County Council

  • RE: Cheerful and determined effort of Cleaning Staff

    Dear Marion

    I am writing to you reference your staff working on D.I.R.F.T. WEST premises for the staff of excellence.

    Liz and Carol have worked on behalf of LCS at ESL, Crick for 3 years providing us with a service second to none.

    During this time they have given us some very interesting moments with their cheerful and determined efforts to keep clean a 24/7 operation transport office with shower and toilet facilities which have been in constant use.

    This has been an important part of the service they provide as some drivers are merely passing through the depot and don't have long and wish to have a quick freshen up before carrying on their journey. They haven't once complained about this and carried out their work helping keeping going the operation without even realizing it. Something I have noted and greatly appreciated.

    They put up with the banter and joviality given to them by our employees brushing it off and carrying on with what I class as an excellent standard of work and for a relatively unclean environment. Any requirements I pass their way is carried out in a professional and very thorough manner. They are a credit to L.C.S. and even through the many changes the company have made, continued carrying out their duties without complaint and to a high standard expected by myself and Eddie Stobart Limited.

    I would love for Liz and Carol to go forward in your draw and hope they are successful in winning the prize.

    Yours sincerely

    Steve Appleton
    Operations Manager
    Eddie Stobart Ltd

  • RE: High standard of service

    Dear David/Marian

    With reference to the company holiday competition promotion for outstanding cleaners. I would like to recommend 2 candidates from Guilsborough; Brenda and Liz.

    They have, I feel continued to support the School and it's staff to a very high standard despite constant problems from messy pupils. The areas have been maintained at a standard that has enabled the School to present it's best face to visitors on parent related nights, regardless of the levels of hygiene encountered at the start of their shift.

    Comments have come from teaching and non-teaching staff and these were reflected in the recent County Council standards inspection, where the efforts made helped to raise the report findings and were directly referred to by the Inspector.

    These actions alone indicate the level of commitment and would put Liz and Brenda on par with nominated cleaners from other contracts. But in addition, I personally feel the way in which they have overcome and responded to long-term supervisory problems brings them onto a level well beyond the job description. As we are all aware from recent disclosures, problems have been significant and frequent. The loyalty shown to the School during this phase has been highly commendable and very few employees would have stayed the course, there is little doubt that a reward is due.

    Guilsborough School values it's quality Cleaners, they are the base of all the School functions assisting my department to create and maintain a quality learning environment despite the effects of 1350 students. There are other quality cleaners on site but the reaction to direct interaction on a daily basis with the supervisory problems, earns Liz and Brenda my nomination.

    Yours sincerely

    Mr Mark Fellows
    Site Manager
    Guilsborough School

  • RE: Immediate Improvements

    Dear David

    Just a quick note to say how well your team has worked this week as it was very short notice we gave you.

    I have seen for myself the improvements you have made and I hope that we will continue to see them progress even further.

    Yours sincerely

    Rachel Stevenson
    Facilities Manager
    Eddie Stobart Ltd, Northamptonshire

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