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Why the difference?

Laser Survey

The LCS detailed and accurate survey

All buildings and  companies are different - and that's why our Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire cleaning services are designed to meet YOUR specific requirements.

From our free initial survey, all areas are carefully measured and individual  room usage is taken into account. Using this information we can produce a comprehensive report which will show only the areas and tasks that are required.

There's no guesswork involved - so you get exactly what you pay for.

From our analysis we can then advise you if your current supplier is offering you value for money, or not, as the case may be.

As a result of our accurate survey, we have saved one client £600 per week! And we've advised another that he was vastly under-resourced… the contractor simply could not deliver the promised service.

So how was your quote put together - with great accuracy, or just guesswork?

T-TRACCS cleaning staff monitoring system

Cleaning staff leaving early costs you money. Either the job has not been completed or the standards are not being maintained

LCS ensure that you receive the very best service, throughout the entire contract, by providing the T-TRACCS  telephone time keeping system for all our cleaning staff.

It is designed to eliminate the need for old fashioned hand written time sheets which, in our experience, can prove inaccurate. The T-TRACCS monitor eliminates hand written time sheets using the latest telephone logging system to clock our staff in and out, using a unique PIN number. LCS people are only paid for the time they spend on your site.

The call is free from land lines and the system recognises the exact location. Should our customers have any queries concerning attendance and time keeping, then we can check our records in an instant.

Local management of your contract

Our customers tell us that they find our local hands-on management team an invaluable resource. Whether it’s to amend or extend your service or to immediately resolve any issues, having knowledgeable experienced local LCS senior staff available and operating within 30 minutes of anywhere in Milton Keynes or Northamptonshire is a critical performance advantage.

Our staff

LCS pride ourselves in our professional staff management, their motivation, our selection procedures, their continuous training and our hands-on leadership.

Many of our staff are long-serving members of the LCS team. We do not use temporary or agency people. We prefer to develop our own skills in-house… and it shows.

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