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Safety Considerations When Looking to Hire a School Cleaning Company

Safety is absolutely essential for the cleaning industry. Risks can arise from an endless array of environments and situations and the proper use of harsh chemicals and specialist equipment is essential. 

Maintaining a safe working school environment is paramount for students and staff and it is your responsibility to prioritise health and safety of everyone within your school. Outsourcing your cleaning to a properly trained professional company is the first step in maintaining a high standard of safety in your educational facility. Still, there are key considerations to make when choosing a cleaning company to ensure that they will provide the right standards of quality and safety that you require.  


Using the Correct Cleaning Tools and Equipment

For any school cleaning task, regardless of how big or small, it’s essential that the correct cleaning tools and equipment is used. This will ensure that the highest level of clean is achieved and that safe practices are maintained. A good cleaning service will always use the right tool for the job and will prioritise the health and safety of their working practices. 

Care should always be given to the risk of cross contamination and the proper school sanitising processes should always be followed. Using a new cloth after cleaning potentially high risk areas, such as toilets, sinks or heavily soiled areas, is essential. Microfiber cloths should be used as they are highly effective at holding bacteria. A regular cleaning cloth simply moves the bacteria around the surface, whereas a microfibre fabric will attract and hold the bacteria.

Using a vacuum with HEPA filters is a powerful way of capturing smaller particles that would otherwise slip through your regular vacuum bags. Capturing smaller dust and dirt particles will keep a school looking cleaner, improvise air quality and provide relief for individuals that suffer from allergies.  


Choose a Company With the Correct Safety Accreditations

Choosing  a cleaning company with the correct safety accreditations is absolutely essential for maintaining high standards of health and safety. Looking out for the correct qualifications is a quick, simple way of determining the quality of a commercial cleaning service. Accreditations from certain bodies demonstrate a high level of professionalism, safety and cleaning quality.   

LCS have obtained safety accreditations from Safe Contractor – a market leading health and safety accreditation that is trusted by over 35,00 contractors and 480 brands. All of our staff are also trained in house following BICS (British Institute of Cleaning Science) standards. They are the largest independent educational body in the UK cleaning industry and are responsible for providing  professional training courses. Not only this but we also perform regular spot checks and audits to ensure our high standards are maintained.  


Are They Following the Correct Cleaning Safety Guidelines and Best Practices?

All professional cleaning companies should follow the correct cleaning practises at all times. Not only will this improve the safety of the cleaning staff, but it will also maintain high levels of health and safety standards for students and staff. A cleaning company should have a comprehensive cleaning policy that clearly lays out how staff should interact and use products and equipment. 


Ensure They Are Using The Right Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies such as chemicals are a fundamental part of school disinfection and safe storage and usage is essential when using them. Any cleaner should always be aware of using the right chemical for a school sanitising tasks and failing to do so could pose health and safety concerns to the cleaner, staff and pupils. 

To improve the safety of chemical usage, there are a number of options available. Eco-friendly products are not only great for making your business greener, but will act as a less harsh option than regular chemicals. They are particularly beneficial for people that suffer from skin allergies that can be irritated by harsh chemicals. Chemicals with lower VOC (volatile organic compounds) will help to improve air quality in your school. Cleaning supplies that contain VOC’s may cause breathing issues, eyes, nose and skin irritation or headaches. 

The strength of your cleaning supplies should also be considered. Toilets and kitchens will require a stronger chemical to ensure they remain to a safe and hygienic standard, although this is not necessary for other areas. Social areas and desk areas will require a milder chemical with a lower overall strength. Always check the packaging if you’re unsure of where to use a chemical.


Contact LCS for high quality cleaning products

Here at LCS Cleaning, we provide a wide range of school cleaning services for educational facilities of all types and sizes. We will always prioritise health and safety and will never cut corners that might make your school unsafe. Our staff are fully BICS trained and have the knowledge and skills necessary to perform a safe, high quality clean with every client we serve. 


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