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Back To School Cleaning Safety Tips

Back To School Cleaning | How Does It Work?

Thankfully, children have returned to school and the world is getting back to normal. It’s natural, however, for parents, teachers, and students to have some anxiety about the return to the classroom. Facilities managers, caretakers, and headteachers can alleviate these worries by hiring proactive school cleaners.

While your school will have a cleaning and safety checklist, professional school cleaners are essential to maintain the environment. They worked throughout lockdowns to ensure schools were hygienic, clean, and protected from the risks of Covid-19. Alongside your regular cleaning routine, school cleaning services also ensure your environment is the best place for learning.

Top 3 School Cleaning Tips 

  1. Clean High-Touch Point Areas
  2. Wipe Down Surfaces
  3. Remove Litter

Clean High-Touchpoint Surfaces

Awareness of high-touchpoint areas has increased because of the pandemic. Many people now understand infectious droplets of coronavirus are often found on surfaces such as door handles, light switches, and stairway rails. Of course, in schools, there are many of these surfaces, which increases the risk of transmission. Regularly cleaning these surfaces throughout the day prevents any droplets from pooling on surfaces students and teachers will be touching.

Another solution is to provide hand sanitiser stations throughout your school. Hand sanitiser kills viruses, infectious droplets, and bacteria. Regular use prevents a touchpoint from becoming a source of transmission as people’s hands are clean when they interact with a surface. It’s not only Covid-19, which is a transmission risk, flus and colds can easily spread across a school via touchpoints. This is why school cleaning can reduce sick days for both students and teachers.

A professional school disinfection service specialises in cleaning high-touchpoint surfaces. While teachers, and potentially students, can wipe surfaces such as light switches throughout the day, stairway rails, for example, are more tricky. School cleaners can sanitise and disinfect these surfaces more thoroughly as they use high-quality school cleaning supplies. You don’t have to guess whether a surface is infectious, remove the risk with professional school cleaning services.

Wipe Down Work & Canteen Areas

There are many areas where students and teachers sit during the school day. Desk and tablespaces can be a big risk of Covid-19 transmission, as well as other illnesses. In primary school, children will often use one classroom, however, they will move between desks or table spaces. These surfaces must be wiped down at the end of the day.

Not cleaning workspaces regularly affects a classroom’s hygiene. Poor school cleanliness creates a negative learning environment where children struggle to concentrate. A dirty table surface also makes it more difficult to write and work; however, this can all be prevented with professional school cleaning. Using the right supplies and techniques, they can clean all canteen and work areas to create a positive school environment.

In secondary school, desks become more difficult to keep clean and sanitised as students move between classrooms for different lessons. A solution is to wipe down the surfaces in between lessons, as well as having school cleaners come in at the end of the day. Teenagers may also stick chewing gum beneath desks and canteen tables. School cleaning services can remove these irritating substances quickly without damaging the table. 

Remove Litter

Throughout the day, teachers and caretakers have many tasks to focus on. This means they may not have the time to remove litter from classrooms, the canteen, and the corridors. Even if there is a plan to remove litter, sometimes rubbish is easy to miss, so it can pile up. Professional school cleaners can pick up any rubbish that’s left at the end of the day as part of their service.

Headteachers also have to think of the carpets in their classrooms. School cleaners can hoover them to get up any dust, dirt, and crumbs that are stuck in the carpets. If the carpet needs a deep clean, they have access to the equipment needed to perform a deep clean that will have the fabric looking as good as new. A clean and fresh classroom helps children get themselves in the mindset for learning.

What Does a School Cleaner Do?

School cleaning helps keep every area of your establishment hygienic. Classrooms, corridors, canteens, and staff rooms are all busy throughout the school day. When lessons are over, school cleaners ensure the building is ready for students and teachers when they arrive the next morning. 

Through wiping down table and desk surfaces, carpet maintenance, window cleaning, and chewing gum removal, LCS helps schools create a positive learning environment. When your school is hygienic and fresh, this helps students get in the right frame of mind to learn. You can also reduce the risk of sick days or periods of isolation.

LCS School Cleaning

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