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Cleaning Checks: A Guide to Evaluating the Quality of Your Cleaning Service

A clean and well-maintained facility is essential for any business. It creates a positive impression on customers and employees alike, can help to improve morale and productivity, and maintains a safe, hygienic working environment. A high-quality cleaning service is therefore essential for achieving and maintaining a clean workplace. But how do you know if the cleaning company you choose is up to scratch?

Cleaning checks are a valuable tool for assessing the performance of your cleaning service. They involve inspecting specific areas of your facility for cleanliness and tidiness. Commercial cleaning checks can be conducted by in-house staff, external auditors, or a combination of both.

What to Look Out for When Measuring Cleaner Performance

A clean facility should look and smell clean and there should be no visible dust, dirt, or debris when assessing cleaning service quality. Floors should be swept and mopped regularly, and surfaces should be dusted and wiped down. Restrooms and common areas should be particularly clean and well-maintained as these are common environments for germs.

Here are some specific signs of a clean facility:

  • Tidiness – All areas of the facility should be tidy and organised and there should be no clutter.
  • Absence of dust – There should be no visible dust on surfaces, floors, or furniture.
  • Organised spaces – All items should be stored in their proper place and there should be no clutter on desks, countertops, or other surfaces.
  • Clean restrooms – Restrooms should be clean and free of unpleasant odours. Toilets, urinals, sinks, and showers should be cleaned and disinfected regularly.
  • Clean common areas – Common areas, such as break rooms, conference rooms, and lobbies, should be clean and well-maintained. Tables, chairs, and other surfaces should be wiped down regularly, and floors should be swept and mopped regularly.

Consistency in Cleaning Standards

Consistent cleaning standards are essential for maintaining a clean and healthy environment. This means that all areas of the facility should be cleaned to the same level of quality on a regular basis. 

To ensure consistency, cleaning services should use checklists and conduct regular cleaner job evaluation procedures. Checklists should include all of the tasks that need to be completed and the frequency at which they need to be completed. It can also be a great idea to establish a system for tracking and addressing any cleaning issues to help keep track of which staff member has completed certain jobs.

As well as this, regular inspections will ensure that the cleaning is being done to the required standard. These standards should be set by the cleaning company itself, and they must provide proper training to all cleaning staff on your cleaning standards and procedures.

Communication and Responsiveness 

Open communication with your cleaning service is essentia and this can really make or break an experience. You should be able to communicate your needs and expectations clearly, and your cleaning service should be responsive to your requests. They should also be willing to resolve any issues promptly.

Here are some tips for establishing effective communication channels with your cleaning service:

  • Meet with your cleaning service regularly to discuss your needs and expectations.
  • Establish a clear point of contact for communicating with your cleaning service. It’s best to do this prior to hiring their services. 
  • Be responsive to communication from your cleaning service.
  • Address any cleaning issues promptly.

By following these simple guidelines, you shouldn’t have any unwanted shocks when you carry out your own cleaning checks around the workplace.  

Cleaning Checks for Health and Hygiene

A cleaning service plays an important role in maintaining a healthy environment. By sanitising and disinfecting surfaces and removing waste, cleaning services help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria.

Sanitization is the process of reducing the number of harmful microorganisms on surfaces to a safe level. Cleaning services should sanitise all surfaces that are frequently touched, such as doorknobs, light switches, and countertops. They should also disinfect all surfaces that are at risk of contamination, such as restroom surfaces and food preparation surfaces.

Finally, proper waste management is essential for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria. Cleaning services should remove all waste from the facility promptly and dispose of it as per the relevant regulations.

Cost-Efficiency and Value

It is important to consider cost-efficiency and value when evaluating janitorial services. As a business you want to find a cleaning service that provides the highest-quality cleaning at a fair price. 

To assess the cost-efficiency of a cleaning service, you should compare the cost of their services to the cost of other cleaning services in your area. You should also consider the value that the cleaning service provides. For example, a cleaning service that offers additional services, such as window cleaning or floor waxing, may provide more. 

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