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Easy Ways to Prevent Carpet Damage

There’s nothing more relaxing than the feel of soft, fluffy carpet between your toes. It can be heartbreaking when you spill something. You just know it’s never going to look or feel the same again.

Even with a carpet cleaning service, it’s difficult to remove dark stains and you can’t repair bald patches. Once your carpet has begun to look a little old and tired, it’ll ruin the whole feel of your room.

The good news is, there are lots of different ways to successfully prevent carpet damage so you can cut the problem off at the source.

The Best Ways to Prevent Damaged Carpet

  • Removing Food & Drink 

Carpet spillages can be a risk, especially if you happen to love red wine. You know it’s a risk, but you’re determined to eat your dinner in front of the TV anyway.

The simplest solution is to change your routine. If you have a kitchen or dining table, use them to remove the risk of spillages.

  • Children

Young children are prime culprits for carpet damage. It could be food, drink or even paint or chalk. The best idea is to always buy your child a utility mat. This is a plastic covering that you can lay out to cover your carpet whenever they’re playing.

Set the expectation that your children must eat at the kitchen table and try to set them up with their own art or play area. If they learn to look after the carpet at a young age, it’ll be easier to keep those habits going as they get older.

  • Pets – Working around your pets can be a minefield when you’re trying to preserve your beautiful carpet.
  • Food – Never feed your pet in a room that has carpet. Pets are notoriously messy eaters, and you’ll always end up with that speck of cat or dog food that soaks into your carpet. It’ll stain and smell too. Feed them on wooden or tiled flooring.
  • Puppies – Always keep your new puppy in a room with hard flooring. Puppy training pads don’t soak up all of the moisture and any accidents will stain your carpet.
  • Cats – Cats love to scratch – it’s part of their natural behaviour and will ruin your carpet. Always buy a scratching post and encourage them to use it.
  • Shoes – Make sure you keep your shoes off the carpet and leave them at the door.

Make sure you always take off your shoes when you’re walking on the carpet. Even clean shoes flatten the fibres and when you add mud into the equation, it can be a disaster.

Make sure all your family and guests follow your example too. You could even provide slippers for them if they complain of cold feet.

  • Rugs

When you’ve had your carpet for a while, you’ll notice that it looks new at the edges and worn down in the middle where you often walk. Placing rugs down in the walkways will help to keep the carpet underneath soft and fluffy so you don’t end up with tramlines.

  • Furniture

Heavy furniture can also cause indents in your carpet. Try to place coasters under any table legs to distribute the weight evenly and never drag heavy furniture across your carpet, always try to lift and move where possible.

Keeping your carpets looking new can seem like a full-time job but establishing new routines and habits in your household can save you a whole lot of cleaning.

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