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Office And Workplace Cleaning: Getting Back To Work After COVID-19

According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), over 35.9% of the UK have spent some time working from home as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. Although many of us have become comfortable with the new home office setup, others are itching to return to the office to catch up with colleagues and get back their traditional work-life balance. 

Recent government guidelines have now stated that as of June 21st remote working will no longer be advised and with COVID-19 restrictions set to come to an end, this will see many return back to the office, if not before. Extensive workplace cleaning, however, is still paramount to ensure a safe return to the office for everyone. So how exactly can you try and keep your workplace COVID-19 safe?

Before Reopening

It is important to make a start to the cleaning before you welcome everyone back. Assess parts of the building, making a COVID-19 cleaning plan for your team to be made aware of. Pay particular attention to areas that are most likely to become contaminated such as door handles, rails, and bathrooms, which are areas that will be frequently touched by staff. Once assessed, a deep clean should be carried out.

Deep Cleaning

Although science tells us that coronavirus is likely to spread through respiratory droplets from person to person, the virus can also be transmitted by touching infected surfaces. A deep clean is a thorough process, which is what distinguishes it from a standard spring clean. It may require the emptying out of cupboards to clean the surfaces within, disinfecting touchpoints, searching for any dust mites, mopping floors under rugs, and sweeping any areas that are likely to build up dust such as window frames.

For an intensive deep clean, a professional cleaning company can help your workplace to find the best solution for your specific building/s. LCS is a professional cleaning company based in Northampton. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve highlighted the importance of hygiene now more than ever before and can offer cleaning services with decontamination technology, including the most effective disinfectant and sanitising products which are essential for killing the virus.


Although government advice suggests deep cleaning of all frequently touched surfaces should be done at least once a day, periodic cleaning should also be carried out routinely. This involves cleaning at different times throughout the day, which includes cleaning items immediately after use and surfaces that have been touched.

At the end of the day, workstations should be clear to allow the entire surface to be cleaned thoroughly. Make sure you discuss this with any staff when you make your cleaning plan. Periodic cleaning can be carried out with your standard cleaning products; however, it is important to note that if you are required to clean after a suspected case of COVID-19, you should call in an expert who will follow specific guidelines and correctly disinfect the building.

Returning to the office and having face-to-face interaction again may take a bit of getting used to or even be daunting. However, frequent cleaning can hopefully assure you that the workplace is safe and is in place to help prevent the transmission of COVID-19. To get your office space post-COVID-19 ready please contact us at 01604 926004 or fill out a contact form.