How to clean Office Windows

  • 23rd July, 2018
  • By: LCS
Cleaner cleaning office windows

Your office windows are the way through which you get to see the outside world right from your office desk. They also let in light. As you should already know, it’s important that the office windows stay clean. A dirty window reduces the amount of light coming into the office. They also give a very bad first impression of your office and personality to visitors and can also be depressing to members of staff. Therefore, they should be kept shiny and clean so that they can last longer. In fact, a research showed that if the office windows are always clean, the staff become happier and more productive. If you want to keep your windows clean, here is how to go about the task:

1. Washing with a strip applicator

If you’ve got picture windows, you’ll need large tools for the job. At the top of a strip, an applicator is a long cloth head that can soak up lots of water mixed with soap. You can use it for knocking loose dirt on the window and leave no scratch on the glass. You can use a cleaning solution of your choice with the applicator to accomplish the task.

2. Wiping clean with a Squeegee

Beginning at the top of left corner of your window, the squeegee should be pulled in a reverse pattern of S over the window pane that’s already soapy. When you are done with each and every stroke, you can wipe the blade of the squeegee with a rag that’s lint-free. The most suitable for doing this is using old napkins of linen or cloth diapers.

3. Dry the remaining Drips off

On the edges of the glass, there is still some water remaining after the second step. To remove this water, a wrung-dry and damp chamois can be used. This chamois will soak up the wetness and not leave streaks. Then, you can go ahead and use a rag to dry the windowsill.

4. Customizing the squeegee for multi-panes

Divided light windows can be cleaned using a squeegee that will be fitting the panes. You can cut down one to size using a hacksaw, trim the metal channel and then file the cut edges to make them smooth. The rubber blade can then be cut into the width of the pane’s width fit into the channel.

5. Pane Scrubbing

Either a hog-bristle brush or a handheld sponge is perfect for windows that are multi-pane. Using a squirt of soapy water solution, you can rub individual panes from left to right and from top to bottom. All the while, ensure that brush bristles or sponge edges are working to loosen the dirt in the corners.

6. Use the customized squeegee to wipe the multi-panes clean

In a single top to bottom stroke, pull the squeegee down each pane. To avoid streaks being left, the blade should be cleaned with a rag after each stroke. If there are still streaks left on the glass, they can be removed using a chamois. The sill and muntins, on the other hand, can be dried using a rag.


By following these steps and tips to clean office windows, there’s surety that they will always be sparkling clean, attractive and presentable. You’ll appreciate how important it is to have them always clean.