Healthcare professionals disinfecting the hospital
The Importance of Cleaning in Healthcare: Meeting CQC Standards

Cleaning in Healthcare: Meeting CQC Standards The concerning aggression of hospital acquired infections which are a direct result of ...

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Children back in clean classroom
Back to School Cleaning Tips

Children tend to spend a good 5-6 hours at school at least 5 days a week hence back to school cleaning is extremely important both at ...

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Woman cleaning a desk
Winter Cleaning Tips to Ensure a Clean and Warm Environment

Key Areas to Focus on for Winter Cleaning in Commercial Spaces It’s important to keep commercial spaces clean and safe especially in ...

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Cleaning image
The Main Differences Between Domestic and Commercial Cleaning

Cleaning services are indispensable for maintaining a clean, healthy and great-looking environment. Having a cleaning service is an ...

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Strep A positive test
Strep A: Top tips for Health & Safety in Schools

The Strep A virus has seen a rise in infections over the past several months, with schools being a key area in which it spreads. ...

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Warning sign while cleaning the floor
5 Essential Health & Safety Tips For Cleaners

It is essential that the correct health and safety requirements are implemented and understood by all members of the workforce. ...

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School teacher cleaning desk
Benefits Of Hiring School Cleaning Services

Schools are amongst the most important facilities in a community. They provide children with space to develop their academic ...

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Cleaning image
What Is The Difference Between Office Cleaning & Office Sanitising?

Office Cleaning VS Office Sanitising Keeping your office clean and hygienic is key to having a healthy and productive office ...

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Office cleaning
What’s Included in an Office Clean

Hiring Office Cleaners | Everything You Need To Know Office cleaning is one of the most effective ways of keeping your working ...

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The Importance Of A Dust Free Work Environment

No one enjoys working in a cluttered and dusty environment. In fact, over time, the accumulation of dust can pose major problems for ...

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