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Benefits Of Hiring School Cleaning Services

  • 29th September, 2022
  • By: LCS

Schools are amongst the most important facilities in a community. They provide children with space to develop their academic knowledge and learn the skills to take them further in life. It is because of this that it is so important to keep them clean and hygienic at all times. A dirty, cluttered classroom can seriously impact how a child learns and hinders the enjoyment they get from going to school. 

Now that we’re coming into winter it’s even more crucial for schools to be cleaned regularly. Colder, wetter weather means more of us will be spending longer periods indoors and be more susceptible to picking up any viruses or bacteria. The risk of flu and the common cold increases greatly over winter time, but now there is also COVID-19 to consider as well.

Not only this, but as the weather gets wetter the floors in your corridors and classrooms will become harder to keep clean. This is not only a safety hazard, but it makes your school look messy and less professional…

Whether it’s protecting your staff and children, increasing the productivity of your students or helping your school look more professional, there are a number of different reasons why hiring school cleaning services is a great option. At LCS, we have over 25 years of experience with supplying high quality school cleaning services to schools across Northamptonshire. Our team has an in-depth knowledge about cleaning educational facilities, meaning your staff and students can enjoy their school life in a clean, hygienic space that is clutter free.       


What Are The Benefits of Hiring a School Cleaning Company?


Greater Levels of Productivity for Children and Staff

It’s no secret that people work better in an environment that is clean and clutter free. If a classroom is dirty and unorganised, pupils will find it difficult to concentrate during their work, meaning many may not give 100% in their lessons. Afterall, a classroom that is dirty signifies to a child that you don’t care about their school experience, so they are less likely to try during classroom hours.

For teachers, it works in exactly the same way. No one likes coming into a dirty workplace and over time it will cause your staff to become unmotivated. This is bad in any line of work, but in teaching it is even more crucial as your staff directly impacts the children they teach.   


Better Hygiene 

Schools are well known for being breeding grounds for bugs and bacteria. Children naturally have lower immune systems than adults and mix in great numbers in the classroom, by using the same toilets and sharing a canteen. Regular school sanitising means any germs are destroyed and the spread of illnesses is controlled. School cleaning services are able to perform in-depth cleaning procedures because they use a team of highly trained professionals with specific knowledge of school cleaning. 

Remember, it is your duty to maintain a clean and safe working environment for your staff and your children. Not only this, but poor hygiene in a school can greatly increase the likelihood of sick days amongst children, which will impact their educational performance and development.   


Give a Professional Impression

Hiring good school cleaning services means that your school looks professional and approachable at all times. Maintaining a good image is crucial for upkeep a healthy and positive image for your school. Parents and visitors are more likely to take pride in your school if things are kept neat and tidy. This can be an important factor during open days, parents evenings or when other schools visit your facilities.   


Support Good Hygiene Habits

School not only teaches children in an academic sense, but it ensures they have the correct level of understanding about how to behave in the world as they grow older. Good cleanliness and hygiene is a big part of this and a child is more likely to learn to respect their environment if they experience a clean space on a daily basis. A child learns by being exposed to certain situations so you have the power to give them skills to take into their own lives.  


Reduce Time Spent Cleaning

By outsourcing your school cleaning services you free up time for your teaching and janitorial staff. Monitoring and replacing supplies such as toilet paper, hand soaps, paper towels and bin bags can end up taking up a lot of your staff’s time. This time is far better spent on interacting with children and creating an engaging teaching environment. A school cleaning service will take on the full role of maintaining and organising supplies, meaning teachers can spend more time doing what they’re supposed to. 


Why Choose LCS For Your School Cleaning Services

LCS provides a range of services to maintain the cleanliness and good hygiene levels of your school. Our team of highly skilled professionals will help with the general upkeep and maintenance in your school, ensuring that classrooms, bathrooms, canteens and staff rooms are maintained for the benefit of your staff and students.


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