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Winter Cleaning Tips to Ensure a Clean and Warm Environment

  • 21st December, 2023
  • By: LCS

Key Areas to Focus on for Winter Cleaning in Commercial Spaces

It’s important to keep commercial spaces clean and safe especially in the colder months. From snowy entrances to slippery wet floors and maintaining clean toilets to help prevent winter germs from spreading, winter cleaning is especially important to keep customers and employees safe and well. Whether it’s stopping trips and slips or keeping bugs at bay, our top winter cleaning tips will help you keep your space healthy and safe. 

Deep Cleaning Floors and Carpets

Deep cleaning floors and carpets during the winter months is essential to maintain a clean and safe indoor environment. Winter shoes track in salt, dirt and moisture which not only looks grubby but also poses slip and trip risks. Salt residue can cause wear to flooring, while accumulated dirt and moisture become breeding grounds for bacteria and mould. Regular deep cleaning not only restores the look of the floors but also gets rid of potential hazards. It also adds to the lifespan of carpets and flooring, making sure they stay resilient against the harsh effects of the winter elements. 

Maintaining Clear and Clean Windows

Keep your windows clean to keep your office bright against the grey winter weather. With daylight at a premium during shorter winter days, making the most of the natural light is important. Clean windows allow maximum sunlight in, brightening up interiors and creating a more inviting atmosphere. Also, clean windows allow more heat in from the sun, making your space cosier, warmer and reducing heating bills. Regular window cleaning not only keeps them clean and sparkling, but makes for a happier working environment when people can get as much natural light as possible.

Enhancing Indoor Air Quality

Improving indoor air quality is especially important in closed environments during winter. Regularly cleaning vents and changing air filters mitigate the buildup of dust, allergens and pollutants circulating in a confined office or work space. Dirty vents and clogged filters not only hinder the efficiency of heating systems but also mean poorer air quality. Proper ventilation is key, so periodically opening windows, even during colder months, allows fresh air in. Keeping air fresh and clean in your space not only improves employee wellbeing, but also reduces the risk of spreading winter coughs and colds, so adds to a healthier work environment too. 

Sanitising High-Traffic Areas

Sanitising high-traffic areas regularly is a top winter cleaning tip to keep germs at bay. These areas, prone to a constant flow of people, serve as breeding grounds for the spread of viruses and bacteria, making frequent seasonal cleaning essential. The winter season often brings an increase in respiratory illnesses, and by diligently sanitising door handles, handrails, lift buttons and other frequently touched surfaces, you can reduce the risk of contagion. Using disinfectants that are proven to combat viruses and bacteria helps create a safer environment, reducing the potential transmission of winter illnesses and fostering a healthier environment within shared spaces. By keeping your staff safe from winter illness you show that you prioritise their safety and wellbeing and make them feel valued. 

Entrance and Reception Area Maintenance

The entrance is the first thing visitors and customers see, so keeping it clean and looking great is important for first impressions. It’s also extra important in winter to keep entries clear of snow, leaves and water to reduce the risks of winter trips and slips. Regular seasonal cleaning and quick removal of snow, slush and debris makes sure that these high-visibility areas remain clean and dry, preventing slips and falls during the winter months. Using heavy-duty doormats and runners can effectively trap moisture and dirt at the entrance, meaning less winter dirt is tracked into the building. Even something as simple as adding an umbrella stand at the door can stop wet umbrellas dripping through the office and reduce the risk of wet and slippery floors. Keep your reception looking great for visitors and make it safe for everyone walking through. 

Winter-specific Supplies and Equipment

Essential winter cleaning supplies and equipment for commercial properties include;

  • salt or grit to stop icy surfaces in high-traffic areas
  • heavy-duty doormats and entrance rugs to capture salt and moisture
  • industrial-strength floor cleaners to get rid of salt residue and dirt
  • extra absorbent towels or mops for quick cleanup of wet and slippery surfaces


On top of this, having wet floor signs ready and specific storage areas for winter-specific supplies can streamline the cleaning process. Keeping your office or commercial space clean in winter is all about being prepared and having the right equipment is the first step. 

Creating a Winter Cleaning Schedule

A tailored cleaning schedule for the winter months is essential as it addresses specific seasonal cleaning challenges unique to winter. Winter brings with it a range of issues from salt residue to wet and slippery surfaces, and the heightened risk of illness. A customised cleaning routine allows businesses to allocate dedicated time and resources to tackle these challenges systematically. By proactively addressing winter-related cleaning issues, businesses not only uphold a professional and welcoming atmosphere but also prioritise the well-being and safety of staff and customers.

Partnering with a Professional Cleaning Service

Partnering with a professional cleaning service like LCS for winter maintenance offers a range of benefits;

  • Expertise: LCS have specialised knowledge ensures effective handling of winter-specific challenges such as salt residue, moisture control, and illness prevention
  • Efficiency: professional services streamline the cleaning process, utilising the right tools and methods for optimal results
  • Time saving: outsourcing winter maintenance allows businesses to focus on core operations while experts manage the cleaning intricacies
  • Consistent quality: professional services like LCS maintain a consistent and high standard of cleaning, creating a clean and safe environment throughout the winter
  • Cost saving: using professional cleaning services is cost effective not only because of the time-saving but also because it reduces the need for and cost of maintenance, ultimately prolonging the lifespan of your facilities
  • Adaptability: using a professional service ensures that you can alter your cleaning needs inline with each season

Get in touch with LCS to see how we can help with your winter cleaning needs.