Clean carpet

Our Top Secrets for Keeping Your Carpet Looking as Good as New!

  • 30th April, 2019
  • By: LCS

Having your home perfectly clean and tidy is one of the best feelings in the world. We are here to help you and guide you through the top ways of making your home, office or any carpet look as if it is brand new and spotless. Indeed, it is a tiring job to always make things look as if it is the first day you have them, especially when dealing with different textures, delicate materials, colourful designs or antique articles that certainly need attention.

Keeping your carpets clean and fresh is simple when you know how!

Ditch the shoes

Make sure everyone is leaving their shoes by the front door or taking them off at carrying them to where they are stored. Encourage in a polite way your guests to do the same. Wearing shoes in the house increases the amount of dirt anyway but wearing shoes on the carpet does actually have huge effects even though it won’t show at the start gradually it will begin to show as the carpet may become a more mucky colour and begin to ball or bulge.

Trim snags

Carpets are assured to snag sooner or later, specifically if you have kids or pets. Tip – don’t pull the snag this will make the problem even worse as its likely that you’ll slit the carpet absent from the backing. Instead of immediately going to pull the snag grab some scissors and trim the snag at the lowest point you are able to get to this will prevent further damage.

Deep clean 2 times a year

No matter how many times you vacuum the floor, nothing will clean your carpet like the deep cleaner. From time to time your carpet will need some extra TLC, therefore, doing a deep clean is perfect and will keep the carpet looking brand new. You can also get the carpets steamed this is a really great service that you could get, this will really get all the dirt out that are embedded as well as lingering stains to leave your carpets looking brand new.

Clean with club soda

If the soda is used correctly it can become your lifesaver! This can act as a natural weapon when it comes to stains or spillages on your carpet whether your dealing with pets, tea or wine a generous pour of soda over the spillage and a few blobs with a cloth should bring your carpet back to its original state.

Choose the right vacuum

You might not think that 2 vacuums can work so differently, the vacuums can work very different from one another due to them having different strengths of suction. Do you have pets or children? Carpeted stairs? It may be best to invest in a multipurpose vacuum that will allow you to use it widely without any struggle. A cordless vacuum can be very convenient to use on stairs.

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