The Difference Between Janitorial and Commercial Cleaning

  • 20th April, 2022
  • By: LCS

There are two main options for keeping your workplace clean: janitorial services and commercial cleaning. Janitorial services are a kind of commercial cleaning that focuses on a wide range of cleaning jobs in offices. As part of janitorial services, janitors will conduct daily cleaning activities to maintain the office’s appearance and hygiene. Whereas commercial cleaning is any cleaning task undertaken by professional cleaners hired by an organisation.

If you’re a business owner or are responsible for managing your workplace, you will know how important hygiene and cleanliness are. Keeping your work environment clean is essential for a variety of reasons. You can improve the atmosphere in the workplace and support staff wellbeing, reduce the risk of illnesses spreading, and present a positive impression to visitors.

When you’re deciding the best way to ensure your workplace is clean, how do you choose between commercial cleaning and janitorial services?

What Is Included In Janitorial Services?

Janitors are responsible for a wide range of cleaning tasks across the workplace. Some of these cleaning activities include:

  • Organising meeting rooms and cleaning them after they’ve been used.
  • Hoovering the carpets.
  • Taking out all the bin bags.
  • Keeping the bathrooms clean and sanitary.
  • Ensuring office kitchens and front-of-house reception spaces are well maintained.
  • Making sure soap, toilet paper, and other consumables are replenished regularly in the bathroom.
  • Support for the front of the house.
  • Handling any cleaning emergencies.
  • Providing cleaning support throughout the day. 

Consider hiring a daytime janitor if you have a busy workplace or internal meeting rooms to maintain. They can replenish toiletries, take out and replace bin bags, and keep the front-of-house areas clean to ensure your workplace runs smoothly day to day.

What’s included in a janitorial cleaning service is all the everyday cleaning tasks required to keep your workplace well maintained and hygienic. Having an expert janitor visit your office regularly ensures all cleaning activities are completed, without you having to worry. Schedule janitorial services based on your organisation’s requirements, which may be on a daily, bi-weekly, or weekly basis.

What Is Included In Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning services support larger cleaning activities that typically are not completed regularly. Below are a few examples of the jobs professional commercial cleaners can help with:

  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Tile and grout cleaning
  • Upholstery and furniture cleaning
  • Hard surface cleaning
  • Power washing

Most of the time, companies book commercial cleaning services for a one-off cleaning task. Your organisation can also arrange for the cleaning professionals to visit your workplace a couple of times per year. Commercial cleaning services are ideal for bigger cleaning tasks that require specialist cleaning materials, tools, or training.

Janitorial Services vs Commercial Cleaning: Which is Right For Your Business?

Choosing whether janitorial services or commercial cleaning is right for your business depends on your requirements. If you need day-to-day cleaning around your workplace, such as replenishing toiletries and hoovering carpets, janitorial services are right for you. However, if you need a professional cleaner to complete a large one-off job, like cleaning all the windows of your property, commercial cleaning is the right service.

Commercial cleaning is for tasks you may not be able to complete yourself. Tiles and grout, windows, and upholstery and furniture all require specialist cleaning materials and tools. To complete these cleaning activities, the cleaner must also have the necessary knowledge and skills. Commercial cleaners can complete these tasks safely, efficiently, and effectively.

If you’re struggling to find the time to clean your workplace, janitorial services are a great solution. Janitors can take care of all the little jobs that make a big difference. You can also have peace of mind that your workplace will always be presentable to guests and a positive environment for staff to work in.

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