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What are the best Spring commercial cleaning tips?

You might think of spring cleaning as being something that takes place in a domestic setting once the dark, damp winter weather is behind us. However, commercial cleaning in the springtime is also very common and is a great way to ensure your building looks clean, hygienic and professional at all times. 

Winter brings bad weather that can cause all kinds of cleanliness issues in your workplace. Your building’s exterior, flooring and windows will all have to deal with excess dirt, grit and damp, making springtime the perfect time to get everything looking clean and fresh again. It’s also a great time to carry out other important cleaning tasks such as dusting and decluttering.   

Top 6 Spring Commercial Cleaning tips

Declutter and Organize

Excess clutter is one of the fundamental cleaning issues for commercial businesses. With so much stuff, it’s easy for items to build up over time and makes for a messy, confusing workplace for all. 

Spring is the ideal time to start decluttering your workplace. Desks, filing cabinets, storage facilities, warehouse areas and more can all be cleared out and organised. Make sure to be ruthless with your throwing out policy but ensure that you don’t dispose of anything you or others may require further down the line. 

It’s also important to note that all items should be disposed of in the correct way. Important documents should be disposed of following your company’s usual policy, and chemicals and other industrial items should follow the usual guidelines too.     

Dusting and Cleaning

One of the best things about springtime is that the weather is now warm enough to open windows and allow the fresh air in. Over winter, poorer air flow in commercial workplaces will lead to a buildup of dust on surfaces. Dust will make for an unforgettable and stuffy place to work and may even act as an allergen for some workers. 

Dusting should be an integral part of your cleaning processes anyway but springtime is a great opportunity to really get to grips with it. Move furniture and stock and dust behind, concentrate on high level areas and clean all the areas that you may usually forget. This includes cabinets, shelving units, lights, air-con and more. Dusting air vents will not only improve air quality but is a vial part of air conditioning maintenance.  

Clean Windows

A part of your workplace that will really feel the effects of the harsh winter weather is the exterior. Windows are no exception and it’s common for bad weather, rain and snow to lead to smearing which will become visible as soon as the summer sun hits it. Not only this but blocked drainage above or splashing from the ground will result in dirt finding its way onto your windows.

Spring is the perfect time to concentrate on your windows and get them up to scratch for the rest of the seasons. Clean windows are a surefire way to make your workplace look professional and allow light to enter your building. Hiring the services of a commercial cleaning company is the easiest way to clean your windows as they will have all the specialist equipment to make the job quick, simple and safe.  

Clean Floors and Carpets

Another problem area of your workplace during winter; flooring. Your workplace flooring will see all kinds of dirt and damp during the winter months and it won’t take long before it begins to look rundown. Wet weather days will mean that dirt is easily transferred around your workplace – tiled flooring will become wet and dirty and carpets or carpet tiles will take in grit and become stained.

Again, floor cleaning should be a regular process in your workplace to ensure it remains looking clean and professional, but there’s no harm in carrying out a deep clean in spring. Move furniture fully, concentrate on forgotten–about areas and clean flooring that may not always get the care and attention it deserves – such as warehouse flooring.     

One issue with flooring is that there are many different types and they all require their own specific cleaning processes in order to shine. Hiring a commercial cleaning service will ensure that all of your floors are cleaned using the correct methods, equipment and chemicals to avoid a poor job or even damage. 

Clean Furniture

Spring cleaning is all about concentrating your efforts on the areas of your commercial building that don’t always receive thorough cleaning year round. Furniture is a great example of this as more often than not it’s in-use during the day. Office chairs and communal furniture such as sofas or kitchen seating should receive a full deep clean which is more than the regular hoovering or wiping. Upholstery should be cleaned to kill any bacteria and remove stains.

Cleaning upholstery requires specialist techniques that make the services of a commercial cleaning company a great option. They will use the right chemicals and cleaning methods to avoid damaging or staining your furniture further. Damage can be costly so it’s best to avoid cleaning if you’re not fully trained.        

Clean the Outside 

Just like your windows, the outside of your commercial building will have borne the brunt of the bad winter weather. This is one of the most important areas to keep clean as it is the first thing that employees, clients and customers will see when they walk into your commercial building. 

The windows and outer facade of your workplace should be cleaned fully during your spring clean. Car parking facilities may also require some attention as it’s common for them to become dirty over winter time with wetter weather. Guttering and the roof of your commercial building should be fully cleaned too – especially if your workplace is within close proximity to trees. Branches, leaves, even nesting animals will cause buildup which will not only look unprofessional, but it may lead to more serious damage to your building in the long run.   

Get a High Quality Commercial Cleaning:

Hiring a commercial cleaning service such as LCS is a great way to get your commercial building looking ready for spring and summer. Our team is fully trained in the cleaning of flooring, furniture, lighting, kitchen areas and more, with each team member receiving full in-house BICS training alongside regular supervision and feedback.

All of our commercial cleaning plans are bespoke because we understand that no two businesses are alike. We will always use the right products and cleaning methods and promise to deliver the highest level of cleaning each and every time.    

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