10 Office Hygiene Facts That Will Shock You

  • 2nd September, 2021
  • By: LCS

Office hygiene has never been a more prevalent subject than now. Because of the pandemic, people are more conscious than ever of bacteria, dirt, and of course, any infectious droplets carrying coronavirus. Despite the raised awareness of office hygiene, there are still some surprising facts that are sure to shock you!

  1. Unhygienic work conditions lead to millions of employee sick days every year.
  2. There are 400 times more germs on an office desk than a toilet seat.
  3. Office phones gather up to 25,127 germs per square inch, while keyboards feature up to 3,295 and computer mice 1,676.
  4. One employee who has a virus typically infects 50% of the people near them in 4 hours, while also distributing infectious droplets across high-volume touchpoints such as door handles and computers.
  5. Contaminated surfaces are the cause of 80% of infections.
  6. Only 20% of people clean their office computer mice.
  7. Viruses and bacteria can live on surfaces for up to 24 hours.
  8. Half of the employees surveyed said they don’t wash their hands after using the toilet.
  9. Poor office hygiene cost the British economy £13.7 billion in sick days in 2013.
  10. On average, workers in the UK lose 9.1 days because of illness per year.

How Office Cleaning Improves Workplace Hygiene

Businesses can improve their office hygiene with an office cleaning routine. Professional office sanitising services are the most effective way to ensure optimum office hygiene. They’re office cleaning experts who have years of experience, high-quality tools, and cleaning supplies. Working with a professional office sanitising company helps reduce the risk of employee absenteeism and sick days due to illness. Choosing the right office cleaners ensures you receive a return on your investment.

Every workplace is different. Between office spaces, there will be different equipment, technology, and office furniture. Professional office cleaners understand the best methods to clean a wide range of workplaces. They can adapt to the size and requirements of any business to ensure a clean, healthy, and professional working environment. Choose an office cleaning company that discusses your business’s requirements and provides a bespoke service.

3 Office Hygiene Tips

  1. Create Clear Workplace Hygiene Policies. These processes need to be simple for staff to understand and easy for them to follow. Include steps each employee can take to ensure the office remains clean, hygienic, and healthy. For example, ask them to wipe down their desks and equipment with anti-bacterial wipes at the end of the day.
  2. Establish A Cleaning Rota. Make sure there is a rota for any regular cleaning tasks. This ensures people are responsible for them so they are more likely to be completed. Jobs such as replacing sanitiser bottles or paper towels are important but can be forgotten about, especially if people are busy.
  3. Share The Shocking Office Hygiene Facts. Communication is key in any successful business. If you’re asking staff to do something, you need to tell them why. Share our 10 shocking office hygiene facts with your team so they understand the importance of office cleaning.

Protecting Your Staff With Covid Decontamination Services

Regularly wipe down high-volume touchpoints. This includes computers, desk space, and door handles. Kitchen countertops are another surface where infectious droplets can cause transmission, so wipe the office kitchen down at the end of your workday. An effective way to reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19, while improving office hygiene at the same time, is by asking your staff to clean their desk space at the end of the day.

Establishing an office cleaning plan that your staff follows will reduce the risk of transmitting Covid-19, as long as any plan is complemented by regular professional office cleaning services. However, there is still the risk of someone contracting the virus. If a member of staff tests positive for coronavirus, get in touch with your professional office cleaning service. At LCS, we ensure a fast response time for any Covid-19 decontamination to reduce the risk of anyone becoming infected.

LCS Office Cleaning Services

Reduce staff stick days and create a happy and healthy workplace, book professional office cleaners today. At LCS, we offer cleaning services across Northampton, Milton Keynes, Bedford, Northamptonshire, Corby, Wellingborough, and Kettering. Get in touch with our team to arrange a free site survey or get a no-obligation quote now.