5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your House Windows

  • 30th September, 2019
  • By: LCS

How often do you clean your windows?? There are some household routines that come naturally and frequently such as cleaning of the floors. Other routines such as mowing the lawn may take time but it needs to be done especially when the lawns start to become bushy.

In truth, we tend to clean our windows when dirt particles settle on them and when our visibility through them is nearly impeded. Windows are an integral part of a home and as such, deserve regular cleaning to keep them looking good.

Here are some reasons to show you that window cleaning is as important as cleaning other parts of the house.

  1. To allow maximum penetration of light

    Imagine the situation that we have to contend with when it comes to dealing with windows situated in the backyard of most of our homes. Are they dirt-ridden and allow in dimmed light within the rooms they open up to? Well, that’s the point. When windows are unclean, a thick layer of dirt forms on their surfaces that often block light rays. Consequently, light particles do not reach the rooms in totality. The solution is to clean the windows regularly and allow for maximum penetration of light into the rooms.

  2. Enhances visibility

    There is no denying that with dust particles on your window, your attempt to focus on a distant object that lies out of the house is bound to be limited. Simply, you cannot see clearly through unclean windows. With regular window cleaning, your visibility will be enhanced, not just because the dirt particles were responsible for your inability to focus, but because the light is allowed into your eyes, through the windows right from the object under focus.

  3. Clean windows degrade at a slower rate.

    It may be difficult to process the rate at which windows degrade, but with time, the once-crisp clean window glasses slowly form a cloud that is aloof from its former clearness. As dirt settles on glass windows and is blown by the wind, the dirt across the glass surface and etch it. The process may be slow but is heightened when windows are not cleaned regularly. The solution to this process of etching that eventually degrades your window can be slowed down by regular cleaning that takes into consideration the use of right window cleaners.

  4. Aesthetic reasons

    Clean windows that degrade at a slower rate are pleasing to the eye, especially when the entire home is clean. Naturally, cleanness of windows where etching is curtailed compares with the newness of windows even when the glass of the windows is aged ten years. Provided that the right cleaners are used, the magnificence of your windows will always show.

  5. Value addition for properties on sale

    The human psyche is wired to magnify faults, however negligible they may be, and to general goodness especially where competing interests have to be factored in. That is what the difference in the quality of glass windows between two houses on sale does. Cleaner windows can show you care about your home and the home buyer generally will be in favour of properties that are well looked after.
    Whereas the house with unclean and degraded windows will generate less interest in viewing and as such, less interest because of lost aesthetic value, houses with clean windows will generate more interest that eventually translate into relatively higher property value.

    So next time you plan to sell your property; while considering minimal repair costs, just by maintaining the beauty of your glass windows through regular cleaning can help you in selling your house quicker. 

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