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6 Places Where Dirt Hides in Your Home

  • 28th June, 2019
  • By: LCS

Dirt always has a way of creeping into places that are not easily visible and accessible in our homes. Everyone wants to live in a clean environment, however, that isn’t always the case. Dust and dirt can find its way to some permanent places in your home that you hardly suspect or think to clean or even look. Hiring a professional home cleaning service is the way to go to ensure you get all the dirt and that your home is spotless. Here are some of the places that dirt is known to hide in homes.

1. Entry Doors and Thresholds

These places mark the entry points for all incoming dirt that enters your home. It is, therefore, essential that you clean your entire doorway and threshold of your home when cleaning. You should thoroughly scrub the entire door, both the front and back, using a mild-purpose cleaner. Using an old toothbrush can allow ease getting into smaller places to scrub, such as the hinges of the door as well as door handles.

2. Remote Controls and Keyboards

These are essentially dust, dirt, and germ magnets. If not cleaned appropriately, these places can end up becoming health hazards. But cleaning computer keyboards and remote controls do take a few steps. You can always use a compressed air cleaner or keyboard vacuum. Wiping down the keyboard and remote controls using an antibacterial cleaning wipe can also do the trick. Thoroughly clean the front, back, and sides of your remote and between your computer keys to minimising any dirt accumulation.

3. Pillows and Cushions

These are some of the most unsuspecting places to expect dust to pile up. However, pillows and cushions are constantly subjected to head and hair and all kinds of pests such as dust mites. You can rid your pillows and cushions of dirt and any pests in them by thoroughly cleaning them on a hot wash, this will kill off all and any pests. Ensure that you do this regularly to keep them clean at all times.

4. Carpets and Rugs

Your carpets and rugs trap all sorts of dust and dirt. These items can also harbour insects and germs, which can pose health risks if not managed. But some carpets can be too big for homeowners to clean appropriately, thus the need to have professional cleaning services to do the job for you. Most professional residential cleaning services also offer carpet cleaning. If, however, you have a small carpet or rug that you can clean yourself, then do so, it is possible to hire a carpet cleaning machine to help you with this task. But make sure that you follow the cleaning procedures as directed by the manufacturer. 

5. Shoe Rack

Most of the dirt and dust from outside get into your home through your shoes and slippers. The best way to combat the dirt in such situations is by making your home a shoe-free zone. This is the way of making your home healthy and germ-free. You should wet-clean your shoe-rack regularly and spray it with disinfectants to rid them of odours as well.

6. Around the Oven

Freestanding cookers are also excellent breeding grounds for germs that homeowners fail to notice. Spills and food can always fall on and around or behind kitchen ovens and accumulate there without being cleaned. You will need to pull your cooker from the kitchen wall to clean behind and around it. Remove any grease and dirt that may have concentrated and accumulated on the cooker and regularly do this to keep the oven and the area clean.

Other Possible Areas Hiding Dirt

Under beds and sofas, ceiling fans, drapes and curtains, etc. all these are other great hiding spots for dirt that you may want to investigate to ensure a fully clean and spotless home.


Cleaning is something that you must do in your home regularly to keep it clean and fresh at all times. If you do not have enough time to clean yourself, then hiring professional cleaning services for the job is an even better option. But either way, always ensure that you get all the dirt in your home, even the ones that hide away from plain sight.

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