The Difference between Commercial and Domestic Cleaning

  • 28th August, 2018
  • By: LCS

Cleaners cleaning hospitalCleaning is very important no matter how you look at it. As with most activities, the task of cleaning can be categorized into various basic groups. The basic types of cleaning are domestic cleaning and commercial cleaning. Cleaning at home or at work can either be done by self or by a hired cleaning company. So, what are the main differences between the two? There are various factors that we can use to differentiate these two cleaning services. Here, we want to see the major ways in which domestic and commercial cleaning services can be differentiated. These include:

Area of Coverage

The major factor that can help us in differentiating the two cleaning services is the area that’s covered by each service. As the names would suggest, the coverage area for the two types would be different in terms of size. Domestic cleaning is often used for cleaning in residential environments. Commercial cleaning, on the other hand, is usually done on business premises. So, in terms of the area covered, residential areas generally present smaller areas to clean while business premises are basically larger in terms of the areas to be cleaned. Domestic cleaning would, therefore, be suited for smaller areas while the commercial cleaning service is great for larger areas.

The Person Responsible for the Cleaning work

In most cases, domestic cleaning is easily carried out by the owner of the house or other family members if the time for doing so is available. If they don’t have the time, the option of hiring professional residential cleaners to carry out the cleaning task on their behalf is also viable. Commercial cleaning may be done by cleaners who belong to the company or by hired cleaning experts. Today, most businesses prefer the services of commercial cleaning experts because they find it more efficient.

Materials for cleaning, Tools and Devices

Commercial cleaning is generally done on a larger scale than domestic cleaning. For this reason, the cleaning devices and tools required for completing the job are often too powerful to be used in residential areas. For cleaning in larger areas, huge floor polishers, vacuum cleaners, and other such like equipment are necessary. These are suited for wide areas such as hospitals, hotels and restaurants. On the other hand, for convenience, domestic cleaning only needs simpler devices for cleaning for cleaning in the smaller areas.

The Process of Cleaning

When it comes to the process of cleaning, domestic cleaning is very different from commercial cleaning. In the former, the process of cleaning is on point and often very simple. However, the cleaning processes involved in commercial cleaning are often more complicated and is divided into different tasks. To keep their operating licenses for operating, the cleaning companies involved in commercial cleaning are required to meet certain health and safety standards. Every business has its own unique cleaning procedures and processes. For example, the procedure for cleaning in a hotel will be different from that of a hospital.

Cleaning Standards

The health and safety standards for different businesses are often set by the state in which the business operates. Each business should, therefore, adhere to these standards if they want to keep their businesses running and ensure that their clients are secure and safe. However, cleaning standards for homes are set by the homeowners themselves. This makes domestic cleaning much easier and simpler.


These are the major ways in which commercial and domestic cleaning services differ. In general, they can be differentiated using the area to be cleaned and how the procedures and processes of each are carried out.