What is Commercial Cleaning?

  • 31st August, 2018
  • By: LCS

Lady mopping a floorCommercial cleaning is a term that’s broadly used to refer to services provided by cleaning companies who are contracted to provide cleaning services to individuals, corporations or businesses. The cleaning services may be offered for a variety of premises either at home, offices or other business facilities at a cost. Today, these commercial cleaning companies are widely found in different towns or cities around the world. However, there are more concentrated in regions that are affluent. The marketing of the services of the cleaning companies is commonly done through professional sales force, websites, word of mouth or advertising.

Types of Commercial Cleaning

To help businesses to stay clean, there are a number of tasks that commercial cleaners engage in. A good number of commercial cleaning companies provide their services based on the business type like office cleaning or hotel cleaning. The cleaning services in such cases are like hotel housekeeping tasks, the front of house cleaning, window cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. Others include daily cleaning tasks in the office like waste bin emptying or vacuuming. A number of such tasks may be things that we do at home but may require equipment that is heavy duty. Therefore, strength-industrial products of cleaning are usually used.

Methods Used in Commercial Cleaning

During the cleaning jobs, various commercial cleaners can use various methods of cleaning. Some of these methods aren’t likely being used at home. They normally have stronger and larger equipment pieces. These may include floor buffers and carpet cleaners. Such isn’t used at home because the spaces to be cleaned are never big enough.

The Benefits of Commercial Cleaning

The main benefits you’re likely to reap from hiring the services of commercial cleaners include:

  1. Improved Productivity of Employees

When the workplace is free from accumulated dirt and dust; is clean and fresh, the employees become happier. A clean and fresh air is a very important factor for improving the productivity levels of the employees.

  1. Reduced Sick Days

A virus can be spread among employees if the workplace environment isn’t clean enough. This gives the business problems since employees become sick and have to be given sick days. The end result is reduced performance of the business. However, with the professional cleaning of the employee environment, this problem wouldn’t exist.

  1. For Professional Appearance

If a potential client walks into an office that’s stained, contains overflowing trash and desks are dusty, they’ll never come back a second time. This is because such an office doesn’t inspire professionalism. On the other hand, if they find the office well-organized, clean and smelling fresh, the client would be comfortable coming back next time. Hence, a commercially cleaned environment promotes professionalism and improved business performance.

  1. Safer and Healthier Work Environment

A commercially cleaned work environment if often neatly and properly organized. Such workplaces are also cleaned to eliminate the possibility of any germs, bacteria or viruses brooding. This ensures that the workers are protected from physical injuries as well as biological dangers that may be lurking in dirty environments.


If you’ve got a business premise that gives you trouble cleaning due to its size or lack of know-how, the best idea for you is to opt for commercial cleaning. These professionals are proficient in their jobs and you won’t have to worry about the cleanliness or even the organization of the premise.