How to keep your fridge smelling fresh

  • 5th October, 2018
  • By: LCS

So many things can lead to the unpleasant odours that you can smell from your refrigerator. Such include mould, open containers and rotten food. Dealing with these odours can be a huge problem. However, there’re ways to ensure that your refrigerator always smells fresh from the time it’s first brought in. If you’re one of the many individuals who have smell issues with their refrigerators, then you’re in luck. Here, we offer five top tips to help you deal with the problem once and for all. You don’t ever have to be worried about the pungent smell originating from spillages or rotten food substances.

1. Have an odour control agent in your refrigerator

One of the most wonderful ways to rid your refrigerator of bad smells as through the placement of an odour control agent inside it. The most commonly used odour control agent the world is baking soda. There are others too that will work just as good or even better. In case you lack baking soda, there are many alternatives for you. The ones that you’re likely to access easily and use as alternative odour-prevention agents are uncooked oats, white vinegar, unused charcoal briquettes and coffee grounds. The list may look unlikely to many people but they actually work since they’re capable of absorbing any unpleasant odours from the atmosphere. It’s, however, important to replace them after every few weeks.

2. Do a thorough cleaning of your refrigerator by hand

This should actually the first thing you need to do in case of any odours. Be thorough in the cleaning of the refrigerator. All foods should be taken out and any that’s in the process of spoiling or is already spoiled should be discarded. Any beverages and foods that you don’t need should also be gotten rid of to prevent any smell issues in the future. Then, put all the food in a large ice container and then turn the refrigerator completely off. You should then use soap and warm water to clean inside. If you do this regularly, there will be less likelihood of bad odours accumulating.

3. Store any leftovers in containers that are air-tight

To deal with unpleasant odours every time you open your refrigerator, proper vegetable, fruit and food storages should be used. Low-quality wraps used by most people because they’re less costly can allow air to get into the leftovers causing the substances to go bad prematurely. Airtight containers stop any unpleasant odours from developing and help keep the food fresher for longer periods.

4. Put all the perishable items where you easily see them

This is a rather simple idea but highly effective. You need to ensure that all fresh foods are placed within the eyesight. Foods like fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats, leftovers and dairy products should be placed where they can be seen every time. This allows you to notice any rotting or moulding of the items as soon as they start enabling you to remove them as soon as possible.

5. Purchase a deodorising device

A deodorising device is great if you want to have the refrigerator smelling fresh all the time without a lot of effort. There are a lot of such devices in the market for you to pick from. The products vary a lot. Some use absorption packs and filters which require replenishing or replacing on a weekly or monthly basis.


These are the top 5 tips available for you to use in ensuring that your refrigerator always stays smelling fresh. Make use of any of them and you’ll appreciate the difference they can bring to the smell of the air in your kitchen.