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Create A Cleaning Schedule That Works For You

  • 31st January, 2020
  • By: LCS

Hack The Cleaning By Making A Schedule 

It’s a new year and a new decade. Is your home falling behind in terms of keeping clean and tidy? Are you struggling to find the time to keep everything looking great? Then it’s high time you set yourself a simple, comfortable schedule that you know you can stick to. Cleaning doesn’t have to take you entire days to keep on top of! Take a look at a few of our tips below and find out how you can help to build your own cleaning schedule for months and years of tidiness success to come.

Pick A Room A Day

Need to wipe down kitchen surfaces? Maybe the bathroom needs a good mop. Either way, it’s tempting to try and cram in as many cleaning jobs as possible into one period. However, this can actually result in you getting flustered, and losing track of any jobs or tasks you may have left.

Therefore, a great way to set up your cleaning schedule is to dedicate a room per day. For example, you could clean or wash down your bathroom on Monday, hoover your lounge on Wednesday, and keep Friday clear for a spot of gardening. It’s up to you how you arrange it!

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Do Small Jobs Quickly

Some people will tell you that doing bigger cleaning jobs first, ahead of anything else, makes logical sense. However, this isn’t always the best course of action to take. In fact, we suggest you actually get smaller jobs out of the way first.

Need to rinse a few plates? Spray a few bushes in the garden? If it’s only going to take you five or ten minutes, do it now. Small jobs, while seemingly easy to do, can really stack up. This can add more stress to your schedule in the long run, meaning that you’re getting even more exhausted when tackling the huge jobs.

Buy Everything You Need

Need a new sponge to wash the car down with? Why buy it at the last minute? Plenty of us use a lack of products in the house as an excuse for avoiding cleaning jobs. Therefore, don’t give yourself an out of any kind. Choose products you know you’ll need to rinse or wash things down with. Add in cleaning products as part of every regular shop.

The more cleaning supplies and tools you stock up on, the better prepared you will be to tackle some of the trickier jobs in the long run. Don’t give future you an excuse – get everything in and put some elbow grease into the cleaning schedule!

Don’t Procrastinate!

Above all, you should never put off any jobs you can do today. Get small jobs out of the way first, stock up on cleaning supplies, and tackle each job with enthusiasm. We all like clean, tidy homes, don’t we? It’s time to take the bull by the horns and start setting up a cleaning schedule that works for you. Simple!

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