Cleaning During COVID 19

How We Clean Areas During the COVID 19 Panemic

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is clear that we all need to be more careful than ever with how we handle everyday items. As COVID-19 is such an unknown entity, we all need to ensure that we take on deep cleaning of everyday services, floors, and much more.

But how easy is it to make sure that you are keeping on top of your cleaning efforts? Our COVID-19 decontamination services will ensure that potentially hazardous waste is removed and that your everyday surfaces are carefully sanitised for the future.

How We Operate

There are several best practices we put into place when it comes to decontaminating work areas, surfaces, and more of COVID-19. Our team has years of experience in making sure that high traffic areas are clean and clear of anything potentially hazardous.

We begin by arranging risk assessments and full consultation with you. This way, when we do start taking action, we can make sure that we take the right steps to completely sanitise your rooms and areas. We purchase and use the safest, most environmentally-friendly chemicals and products available, all of which are proven to sanitise and remove even the most harmful of bacteria and viruses.

Crucially, it’s important to us that we remove hazardous waste and sanitise areas which may harbour harmful enveloped virus strains.

What We Use

The products and tools we use may vary from job to job. However, we make sure to use cleaners and chemicals which have been thoroughly tested and applied in controlled environments. In some cases, we may use electrostatic cleaning, which allows us to cover more surface area than other cleaning methods. 

Essentially, we work to carefully spray and disinfect all areas which are likely to harbour some of the most harmful bacteria and infectious viruses. We work with you to clean areas which are of highest risk. Therefore, from the get-go, you can be sure that we will set you up with a personal, bespoke cleaning solution.

We want to make sure that your premises and team can continue to operate safely without having to worry about potential infection. Unfortunately, the current pandemic is proving to be as mysterious as it is deadly. Therefore, we must all be as proactive and as clear as possible when it comes to controlling disease and spread of anything harmful.

Why Contact Us?

If you are looking for local decontamination services who take all kinds of bacterial and viral spread particularly seriously, we are the team to call. We want to make sure you have to efficient, effective deep cleaning across all high traffic areas of your business, meaning that you can continue to run the business as usual.

The COVID-19 crisis will hopefully be over sooner rather than later. However, in the meantime, it is crucial that we all stay alert, and that we make sure to clean and clear our surfaces and surfaces as much as physically possible. Don’t let anyone enter into harm’s way!

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