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Keeping Your Workplace Clean & Germ Free

  • 31st July, 2020
  • By: LCS

Unfortunately, many workplaces have a habit of getting pretty dirty, pretty quickly. While it might not seem like it on the surface, offices can be hives for germs and bacteria to thrive. However, keeping an office clean doesn’t have to be difficult. It is simply a case of being vigilant and knowing which services and solutions to use to help keep things safe and healthy!

In the age of COVID-19, sanitising and cleaning spaces has never been more important. While there are always going to be microbes present in workplaces and offices to some extent, there are always going to be a few nasty bugs and germs which you should work to remove as soon as you possibly can – and as frequently as you can, too!

Here are some great tips to keep in mind if you are looking to maintain a clean desktop or working area on a regular basis:

Have Anti-Bacterial Spray to Hand

At the end of each shift, if you are hot desking, it is a very good idea to spray down your desk, keyboard, and mouse with some form of anti-bacterial spray. You might also wish to invest in wipes which you can use to clean down your equipment at the end of each prolonged period of use. This way, you can always be sure that when you use a desk next, you’re not going to be spreading germs. Try to keep the office as clean as possible by wiping or spraying before you use your PC, too.

Throw Rubbish Away

Yes, it’s really tempting to let rubbish pile up on your desk if you are likely to eat there during breaks. However, this is only going to be a hive for germs and bacteria in the long run. Therefore, you should always make sure to responsibly dispose of food waste and other rubbish. Otherwise, you’re going to end up turning a clean office into a dirty one pretty quickly.

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Hire Regular Cleaning Services

Of course, all offices and workplaces should have some form of regular cleaning strategy in place. Whether it’s a daily clean and sweep or a regular deep clean, there is no one better nor more organised to help get offices and workspace clean than the specialists. Therefore, we strongly suggest you try and arrange a deep clean for your office at least once a month.

This won’t just mean you have a clean desktop to work with. It’ll mean that you are able to breathe easy thanks to clean carpets, windowsills, and frames. On top of this, all your desks and facilities will be sparkling fresh for you to continue using without fear.

A deep clean is a great idea to make sure that there are no nasty allergens around which are likely to make people unwell. The whole point of deep cleaning and office cleaning, in general, is to prevent illness – are you already doing enough? If not, it is about time you called in a specialist.

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