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Office Cleaning Checklist – The Ultimate Office Cleaning Checklist

  • 29th July, 2021
  • By: LCS

On the 19th of July in the UK, most of the legal restrictions on gatherings, social distancing, and working from home stopped. Many people were in a celebratory mood as it felt like the first step on the road back to normality. However, others were worried about Covid infection rates, vulnerable family members, and the possibility of long Covid. Business owners can alleviate these concerns by implementing a regular office cleaning routine.

As the government is no longer advising people to work from home, it’s time to encourage staff to return to the office. Using a professional cleaning service helps create a clean, safe, and professional working environment. Cleaning experts can also ensure a workplace is Covid-secure to give your staff full confidence in returning as remote working ends.

The best way to keep your workplace clean is by establishing a professional office cleaning checklist. With the right office cleaning checklist, business owners can ensure their office is Covid-secure and staff have a healthy and productive work environment. There are cleaning tasks you and your staff can complete yourself; however, to ensure your office is 100% immaculate and hygienic you need to work with a professional office cleaning service.

How To Establish Your Office Cleaning Checklist

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Getting organised is key to ensuring your workplace cleaning plan is effective. That’s why you should break the routine down into a daily, weekly, and monthly schedule.

  1. Daily Cleaning Tasks
  2. Weekly Cleaning Tasks
  3. Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Daily Cleaning Tasks

The small tasks on your daily office cleaning checklist ensure your workplace is fresh and welcoming for all members of staff. Follow these tasks to keep the office tidy, presentable, and hygienic:

  • Remove clutter from surfaces around the office, such as desks and tables.
  • Disinfect food preparation and eating areas such as kitchens and canteens.
  • Empty the waste and recycling bins.
  • Sanitise office bathrooms.
  • Hoover around the office.
  • Mop all the areas with hard floors.
  • Wipe away dust from objects such as computer monitors and other surfaces.

Weekly Cleaning Tasks

Some tasks you’ll need to keep on top of daily to maintain your office’s cleanliness. However, other jobs take more effort, which you should complete weekly to keep your workplace a positive and clean environment.

  • Clean painted surfaces and walls if necessary.
  • Conduct deep office sanitising of bathrooms.
  • Clean communal fridges and storage facilities.
  • Restock sanitiser bottles and soap.
  • Polish mirrors, metal surfaces, and any glass.

Monthly Cleaning Tasks

Daily and weekly office sanitising tasks maintain your workplace cleanliness and hygiene. Monthly cleaning tasks are smaller jobs that make a big difference. Keep them in your schedule to ensure your workplace is the best it can be.

  • Deep clean carpets.
  • Hoover chairs and fabric surfaces.
  • Polish hard floors and wooden furniture.
  • Wipe away dust from wherever it has accumulated.

Bespoke Office Cleaning

Using our office cleaning checklist, you can keep your workplace clean and hygienic. Regardless of the size of your workplace, maintaining a professional and clean environment takes time and effort, particularly for offices without a dedicated cleaning team. At LCS, our professional team of cleaning specialists provides a service that is tailored to your company’s needs. Outsourcing this process not only allows you to invest time into other areas of your business but ensure your workplace is always clean.

Following a cleaning schedule helps reduce the risk of transmission of Covid-19 in your workplace. However, if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in your office, you should hire a specialist cleaning team that can carry out office disinfection. At LCS, we offer a rapid national response and an office sanitising treatment that guarantees protection up to 24 hours after the decontamination.

The process LCS follows includes:

  1. Risk Assessment – Once we arrive on-site, we will swiftly assess any potential risks of transmission.
  2. Eliminate Airborne Contaminants – We then use ULV Fogging to ensure that all infectious respiratory droplets are eliminated.
  3. Sanitise Regularly Used Touch Points – All surfaces and touchpoints will be disinfected to ensure that the virus is not present in the area at all, not just in the air.
  4. Verify with ATP Swabs & Quat Testing – This final step ensures that the entire area has been decontaminated and that it is safe for you to return.

Office disinfecting after a confirmed case of Covid needs to be conducted by professional cleaners. If someone in your office tests positive, reach out to LCS for a rapid national response. Our team also offers regular workplace cleaning to ensure your office is safe, clean, and hygienic at all times. 

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