Cleaning Office Phones: What to Do and What Not to

  • 23rd July, 2018
  • By: LCS
Man cleaning office phone

As you may imagine, the office phone that sits on the office desk is a host for numerous bacteria. This is because it’s always on the office desk that is, by far, one of the places in the office considered to be dirtiest. The office phones also get bacteria from the hands of those that are constantly using them. Furthermore, the mouths of those who use them transfer germs to them. This, without a doubt, makes this equipment one of the dirtiest in the office environment. So, when you ensure that you clean the office phone on a regular basis, the number of germs found on it will significantly lessen. However, proper cleaning should always be done to keep it working. Here is what to do and what not to while cleaning office phones.

1. Wipe the Phone Down

The very first thing to do in the cleaning process of office phones is to wipe its body with a clean cloth dampened using a mild cleaner. Notice we’re talking about a mild cleaner. Anything stronger and the body of the phone will start fading, which is undesirable. So, with the dampened cloth, wipe the whole surface of the desk on which the phone usually sits after wiping the whole phone unit. All the cables and wires must also be wiped cleaned using the same cloth. Some people will opt for just cleaning the phone using the cloth without damping it with a cleaner. This should not be the case if you intend to get a well-cleaned phone because it won’t be effective. Any potential hiding spots for germs should all be cleaned. So, you must be sure that every corner of the gadget is cleaned.

2. Cleaning surfaces that are in Contact with Users

The best way to clean the surfaces that users come in contact with when using the phone, antibacterial wipes are the most effective. The areas that you should pay close attention to when cleaning the whole phone are the mouthpiece, earpiece and the keypad. These are the areas where bacteria are concentrated on the office phones. Careful wiping is necessary to ensure that you don’t miss potential germ keeping spots. In comparison to using a cloth dampened with a cleaner, using antibacterial wipes makes sure that the delicate electronic parts of telephone don’t get in contact with water to damage it.

Alternatively, alcohol and soft tissue can be used in place of the antibacterial wipes. The tissue should contain just enough amount of alcohol. If it’s too saturated, the alcohol may end up dripping off it. The advantage of using alcohol is that its evaporation rate is quick enough and therefore the risk of causing damage to the parts of the telephone that are electronic.


For good hygiene, the office phones should be kept free from germs and always clean. If they are clean the sick days in the office will significantly drop. The efficiency and smooth running of the office, the phone is very essential. By learning how to always keep them clean, you’ll be able to protect your own health and those of our co-workers and keep the office clean.