How to keep the Office Kitchen Clean

  • 23rd July, 2018
  • By: LCS
Messy Office Sink

In most office environments, the office kitchen is the most used place. This is due to the fact that it’s where every member of staff has to get something to eat whenever they feel hungry. Whether you need some tea, snacks, coffee or a whole meal, it’s the place you find it. This makes it extremely vital to keep the sanitation of the room at its highest. It should, therefore, be kept clean at all times. The areas that should be clean include the floor, shared fridges, the sink area, the countertops, disposal bins and the microwave. To keep these areas of your office kitchen clean, the following steps should be taken:

1. The floor should be mopped

Due to high foot traffic in the kitchen, dust is likely to be tracked onto the kitchen floor. There could also be a lot of spillages which are quite unsightly. This calls for regular cleaning of the office floor by constant mopping throughout the day. It should be mopped more many times in the day, especially during the times when few people are using the kitchen.

2. Clean and clear the Countertops

Spillages are a common sight on the office kitchen countertops. It’s also a common thing that people will often leave things on the countertops after they’re done using them. Therefore, it should always be ensured that things that have been used are returned to the cabinets. Every time they’re used, the countertops need to be cleared and wiped down.

3. Never accumulate dishes in the sink

It should always be ensured that unwashed cups and dishes are not piled up in the kitchen sink. As soon as a person is done using a cup or dish, they should ensure that they wash them clean before returning to the right place they should be kept. This practice also ensures that whenever a person needs a clean cup or dish to use, they’ll always find one.

4. Shared Fridges should be cleaned Weekly

Due to too much food item leftovers, the office kitchen shared fridges are always overflowing. These items need to be thrown out as often as possible. Before you leave the office for the weekend, always ensure that all these neglected food items should be cleared out from the fridge.

5. A specific person should be put in charge of the office kitchen

To avoid the chance of neglecting the office kitchen due to everyone being in charge of something, it should be allocated to a single person to ensure that it’s kept clean and neat at all times. This way, the individual will view it as his/her responsibility to ensure that it’s always clean. In the case that you’ve got a secretary or janitor, you can delegate the responsibility if possible. Alternatively, a schedule can be created to make every employee responsible for the kitchen in different weeks or days.

6. Create a memo detailing rules for the use of the kitchen

In the office environment, individuals tend to give ear to notices and rules. A list of comprehensive rules should be outlined and displayed in the office kitchen. In the rules, they should always be reminded of the need to use the microwave properly, clear the countertops, wash own cups and dishes, look out for any spillages and use the dustbins.


With these six steps, your office kitchen will always stay clean. However, it’s not an individual’s responsibility to ensure that the kitchen always stays clean. Every worker must do their own part and take responsibility.